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Vintage Sansui Tube Amplifier or Tube Amo

Here we have is what I believe is a Sansui Pre Amp. See pics and you be the judge. Selling as is. I do not have the mewans to test it. Tube not lighting up.. Paymet to be made within 3 days of close please. Thanks for…

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vintage sansui stereo system

T-7 am fm stereo auto search tuner A-7 Integrated DC Servo AmplifierD-150M stereo cassette deck ,metal tape compatible ,soft touch controlAT-20 audio program timerFR-D35 automatic direct drive turntable

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Sansui 1000 Tube Stereo Amplifier Receiver NOT 1000A

more gain and I believe two more IF stages. All tubes have about 15 hours and are brand new and matched Mallard, RCA Sylvania etc.. I also incorporated individual bias regulators for the output stages, one regulator per…

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Sansui Stereo Amplifier Eight

Great amp!... Actually, my opinion has it above all other classic 70's amps. Unfortunately , this one has problems I think... Came without a cord so I made one... Light work , tuner wants to work but all I get is hi…

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12AT7 / ECC81 Tube ( NOS ) Amperex ~ Radio ~ Guitar ~ Amplifier Organ

High-Mu Twin Triode The Amperex 12AT7 / ECC81 Vacuum tube is one of the very best top of the line tubes ever made. It is a miniature type used as a push-pull cathode-drive amplifier or frequency converter in FM and TV…

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EF89 / 6DA6 Tube ( NOS ) Tungsram ~ Amplifier ~ Amp ~ Radio ~ Guitar

Controlling Pentode The Tungseam 6DA6 / EF89 vacuum tube is a miniature RF voltage amplifier. Mullard described the tube as a variable ì pentode for use as an RF or IF amplifier in FM/AM receivers and is designed to…

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6146B / 8298A Tube ~ Valve ~ ( NOS ) Radio ~ Ham ~ Amp ~ Amplifier

Beam Power Pentode The 6146B Vacuum tube is a Small, sturdy, glass-octal heater cathode type used as an AF power amplifier and modulator and as an Rf power amplifer and oscillator. It may be used with full input up to…

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6KG6A / EL509 Tube ( NOS ) ~ Amp ~ Radio ~ Ham ~ Linear ~ Amplifier -

Power Pentode The 6KG6 /6KG6A /EL509 Vacuum tube is a magnoval type used as a horizontal-deflection amplifier in color tv receivers and short wave radios. It requires a magnoval 9-contact socket. Later on EL519 tubes

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Sansui AU-11000 . Amplifier

Rare EXECLLENT sounding unit. Been using as an amplifier as oppose to an integrated amplifier because I cant seem to control the volume and the rest of the controls. Both channels work PERFECTLY..NO static, just need…

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Sansui ba-60 basic headphone amplifier sansuis first integrated amp

Vintage sansui ba-60 basic amplifier for sale. This is sansuis first ever integrated amplifier. The amp was only tested to turn on, no further testing done. Will be sold as is. You will not find this amp again anytime…

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Sansui SM-80 Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier Tube Receiver  *RARE


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Sansui AU-4900 Amplifier

Sansui AU-4900 Amplifier, from mid 70's, 35 Pure watts/channel, four speaker hookups, hi and low filters, mute, loudness switches, that beautiful warm Loud sansui sound!, absolutely mint condition, no scratches on face…

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Sansui RA-500 Reverberation Amplifier

Let me know how you want it shipped and that's what will happen. I'm not trying to make any money on the shipping. I just have no idea what the Post Office or wherever charges now so...Again, I will package it with …

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Sansui RA-900 Reverberation Amplifier

Up for sale is a Sansui RA-900 Reverb unit in excellent working order. Item is in excellent condition as seen in pictures. Unit is mechanically sound and there are no loose connections or bad solder joints. As with all…

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Sansui AU-517 integrated amplifier

This amp is being stricly sold for parts or repair. It does not work properly. When I had the amp hooked up it work, but had to have it sent back to me because apparently it does not work as it should. The amplifier

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